Seat with rail

BMW /5 & /6 バイク

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BMW R 80 Model Seat with rail

Seat with rail
/5 long swingarm and /6 first series ( longitudal ribbed cover )
low-cost reproduction . For i.e. 75/6 first series. ( Later series had cross-ribbed cover )
compare: 52531233960 / 52-53-1-233-960

Seat with rail

商品番号: 5253960

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価格: € 278,00
JPY: 36.826,10 ¥
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Seat lower section

BMW R90S, R100S, R100CS, R100RS & R100RT バイク

Seat lower section R90S, R100S, CS, RS, RT Produced from high quality materials using the latest production techniques. Top Quality with original...

価格 € 246,50
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Seat core foam-rubber G/S

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Seat hinge rear

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Seat hinge rear R90S, R100S, CS, RS, RT only for seats type "improved remake" or "Original BMW ", do not fit the "simple reproduction" type...

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