GPS TomTom Rider 550

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TomTom Rider 550 バイク用ナビゲーション システム
最新型の TomTom Rider 550 GPS は、バイクでツーリングを楽しむライダーに、好みに応じた最適ルートを提供しします。ライダーは、どこに行きたいかだけでなく、どうやって行きたいか、を選択することができます。それは、エキサイティングなルート、最も早く到着するルート、またお好みに応じたカスタマイズも可能です。また、このルートを、友人と共有することも可能です。


The TomTom Rider 550 GPS sat nav gives you complete control over your journey with personalised navigation, tailor-made for motorbike riders. You can choose not only where to go, but also how to get there. Take the most exciting route, or the fastest, or plan your own tour and share it with your friends.

- Road maps for 152 countrys of the world** including Lifetime Maps*: Free lifelong map updates mean that all your maps, addresses and points of interest are always up to date*
- Planning exciting routes: You decide how much excitement your tour is going to offer. The Exciting Tour planning function enables you to choose how winding the road your route will be.
- Plan, search, create, edit and share your routes: Use your preferred tour planning program on your computer, and then synchronise this data with your TomTom Rider. Share your route with other riders before you set off, while you're on the road, or after you get back home.
- Route recording: Save your tip and repeat the adventure afresh whenever you like. Record your journey from beginning to end, including spontaneous detours or short-cuts, and share it all with fellow bikers. Your most recent trips are automatically saved on your TomTom, so you can relive the whole adventure all over again any time.
- Fast search: Find your destination faster with the intuitive search function. The fast search starts as soon as you start to type

New Features:
- built-in Wi-Fi port allows wireless firmware-updates and im- and export of your routes
- ultra fast quad-core processor calculates routes even faster
- Google Now and Siri compatible: use the voice control of your smartphone while navigating through your rider 550
- TomTom Road Trips: Discover the best routes of the world
- smartphone notifications: Your Rider 550 will read you your notifications via optional headset

Other features:
- Sturdy, waterproof and vibration-protected case (IPX7)
- Sturdy RAM Universal Motorcycle Mount, compatible with 22mm and 25.4mm (imperial) handlebar tubes, withstands strong vibration
- Power supply from your motorbike's electrical system via battery power cable
- High-contrast 4.3-inch wide-screen display, glove-friendly and easy to read in direct sunlight
- Smartphone Connected - TomTom Traffic, TomTom Speed Cameras, QuickGPSfix via Bluetooth from your smartphone**
- Bluetooth interface - for transmitting navigation directions to Bluetooth-enabled headsets
- Hands-free system: the TomTom Rider forwards phone calls from your mobile phone to an optional Bluetooth headset via a Bluetooth link so that you can talk safely without taking off your gloves or helmet (Bluetooth headset not included)
- Advanced Lane Guidance (makes it easier to get into the right lane as you approach junctions and motorway intersections)
- Journey logging and route recording
- TomTom IQ Routes - intelligent, customised routing
- PC Route Management via Tyre Pro software - Use Tyre to search, create and edit routes on a PC before uploading them to your device (Internet-Download via voucher code / Tyre route planning software is only compatible to Windows XP and later).
- Fully updatable operating system means you can take advantage of new features and updates as and when they appear
- Also suitable for use in your car (requires a separate car mount - only available in the Rider 550 Premium Pack)
- Speed limit indicator shows the permitted speed in towns and on main roads and motorways

Country coverage: Maps for 152 countrys of the world (further details at

Clear, precise step-by-step spoken directions in the following languages (via optional Bluetooth headset or optional car mount):
Bulgarian, Cantonese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (Australia), English (GB), English (USA), Estonian, Finnish, Flemish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Mandarin, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Spanish (Latin America), Swedish, Thai, Turkish

- Dimensions (W x H x D) approx. 136.8 x 88.40 x 30.50mm
- Screen: WQVGA TFT colour display (resolution: 480 x 272) with 4.3 inch (10.9cm) diagonal
- Power supply: integrated lithium-ion rechargeable battery
- Run time: up to 6 hours
- Weight: approx. 280 g
- Compatible with Windows® XP or later version & Mac OS X 10.5.8
- Tyre route planning software is only compatible with Windows XP or later

- TomTom Rider 550
- RAM Universal Mount for 22 mm and 25.4 mm (imperial) handlebar tubes, Active Bike Dock mount and 12V battery cable
- USB cable
- access to road maps for 152 countries of the world**
- Quick-start guide

*Receive TomTom Traffic, Speed Cameras (not available in all countries) and download 4 or more full updates of your pre-installed map every year, for the life of your product. You need a PC with an Internet connection and a MyTomTom account to download map updates. For more information, visit Smartphone Connected: Get TomTom Traffic and Speed Cameras via your smartphone with Bluetooth connection. Your smartphone needs to be compatible and come with a data plan. Extra costs may apply, check for more information.
**Highspeed Internet access necessary

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TomTom Rider 550

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