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More Information about BMW R 1100 S

At the BMW R1100S ✅ the S stands for Sport. The BMW R1100S special edition is called BoxerCup Replica. All versions of the BMW R1100S have 98 HP and 229kg. It takese 3,8 sec from 0-100km/h, the speed limit is 221km/h. The power is brought forward to the rear wheel with a cardan shaft and will be slowed down by ABS. A highlight is the double flow exhaust system. The BMW R1100S is the first Supersportsbike by BMW.

Carbon, CFG or GFK cover panels, Carbon engine spoilers, Carbon rear huggers and the Number plate deflector come form racing. It is especially at the R 1100 S Boxer Cup serial production. Our foot rest lowerings, with which you can also lift your foot rests, are perfect for racing. Oil filter plugs, mirror extensions or number plate mounting with LED indicators and LED tail light give your R 1100 S a special note. Clear indicator lenses and a white tail light complete the look. Laser, Sebring and BOS exhaust systems offer power and a sporty sound. For touring with your R 11 S we have Top Case, Inside Bags and a Tank Bag to store your baggage. If you want more comfort, we can modify your seat bench special for your needs. For the R11S we have several Windscreens. In the category wearing parts we have engine oil, transmission oil, batteries, gel-batteries, oil filter tools, oil filters, air cleaner, break pads, clutches, break disks and sparking plugs, as well as WP, Wilbers or Öhlins suspensions for your driving pleasure. Not to loose your way, we have Navigation Systems by TomTom and Garmin. The currently best Intercom System is the Interphone which is available in Stereo and Mono. Tools, battery chargers, garage trolleys as well as main stands and all accessories are available here. Paint protection or Tankpads protect your motorcycle from scratches.