BMW R850GS, R1100GS, R1150GS & R1150GS Adventure モデルに関する HORNIG ビデオ:

Zeitraffer BMW R1100GS Scrambler - Fast Motion by Hornig
BMW R1100GS Scrambler by Hornig

More Information about BMW R 850 GS, BMW R 1100 GS, BMW R 1150 GS and BMW R 1150 GS Adventure

The BMW R1150GS ✅ and BMW R 1150GS Adventure are the epidome of the travel-Enduro. Since it was brought out in 1999 is is the most sold Enduro. The air- and oilcooled 4-stroke flat engine is very robust. In spit of the 263kg, the 85 HP bring enough power. Thanks to Cardan and a excellent chassis the machine has a very good handling. Compared to the normal R1150GS the R1150GS Adventure has a bigger tank, deflection and better off-road qualities.

The BMW R1100GS is a Enduro or travel-Enduro, as well, it have very good off-road qualities. It has a flat engine with Cardan and it has 80 HPat 243kg. Telelever, Paralever and ABS as well as heated handlebars additionally show this bike's pros.

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