BMW R80 モデルに関する HORNIG ビデオ:


More Information about BMW R80G/S, BMW R80ST, BMW R80, BMW R80RT, BMW R80GS and BMW R80R

The BMW R80 ✅ models were built from 1980-1997. They are also known as 2-valve-boxers or 2V-boxers.
The BMW R80G/S is a Enduro or off-road machine. It has a one-arm swing arm. The flat engine has 50 HP and was, when it was bought onto the morket, worlds strongest Enduro. The Travle-Enduro won Ralley Paris-Dakar serveral times and is still one of the most popular motorbikes.

The BMW R80ST was built from 1982-1984. Worlds first Supermoto has a very dynamic handling, which is supported by the low weight. The machine was 20 years ahead of times. The BMW R80 was the Nakedbike version of the BMWR80RT and has a 2-cylinder 4-stroke flat engine, that lets the motorbike glide quietly but it's also wunderfull to cruise. It has Cardan drive which is well known for being low-maintenanced. The R80 was built for more than 13 years.

The BMWR80GS is a very good and off-roas capable bike. Thanks to Paralever it's easy to hold it on track. It has a Cardan drive that is very low-maintenanced. The R80GS is a real Enduro and off-road machine, but also a Travle-Enduro that can bring lots of joy to it's driver.

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