BMW R 80 Model Tappet sport new

Tappet sport new

Tappet sport new for All 2v boxers weight only 40gr Sport tappet, new improved design. tappet laser welded from WANK TUNNING perfekt addition to...

価格 € 89,00
付加価値税を含む、 zzgl. 送料別

The improved version of the sport ram for the BMW Boxer Motor is laser welding and the ideal complement to Big Bore Kit, Replacement Kit or Power Kit. Our asymmetrical camshaft for the BMW R80 since year of construction 1980 is paired with a very good torque and more powerful performance in the whole speed range and so it is noticeable on the modified Twin. The camshaft kit complete is a pre-finished assembled kit for your BMW R80. It contains an asymmetrical camshaft, end shield and a sprocket.