GPS TomTom Rider 550

TomTom Rider 550 バイク用ナビゲーション システム...

価格 € 400,00
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GPS / GPSバック用ユニバーサル・マウント

CNCで製作されたアノタイズ(陽極酸化)処理されたアルミ製のユニバーサル・マウント ...

価格 € 115,10
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Garmin Zumo XT Europe

The Zumo XT with its 5.5 inch touch display can be perfectly read in all light conditions, can be used horizontally or vertically and is...

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価格 € 199,90
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価格 € 149,00
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ラム(RAM) カメラマウント

アクションカメラ用のアダプター付きのこのマウント(セット)は、一般的なオート ...

価格 € 96,50
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GIVIの新しいGPSシステムケースは、多くのバイク、スクーターに使われている直径22mmのハン ...

価格 € 49,10
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iPhone4, 4S, iPhone5 & 5S 用ケース

GIVIの新し ...

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Garmin Zumo 396 LMT-S Europe

The Zumo 396 LMT-S with its 4.3 inch touch display can be perfectly read in all light conditions and is glove-friendly. Thanks to Bluetooth...

価格 € 400,00
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On longer tours with your R80 it is your interest if you can communicate with your co-driver. Therefor we have the intercom system Interphone. A connection to your navigation system or a cell phone with bloototh is also possible. A connection from rider to rider is possible with up to 200m distance. You will need 2 F4's for driver & pillon rider or driver & driver. The newest verson is the Interphone F4 with many improvements compared to it's forerunner, eg. microphone and headsets guarantee the best resistance and stability, excellent performance up to 180 Km/h. A brandnew product is the X-Navigator with 43 countries and a versatile fitting mounting for motorbikes. For traveling we recommend navigation systems like the Garmin Zumo 550, Garmin Zumo 660 or the TomTom Rider II special for motorbikes. When buying, please look out for a special navigation system suitable for motorbikes. Other products are not waterproof and will not fit in the motorbike-mountings. The BikeCam2 is a waterproof, high quality and easy to use motorcycle video system, combined with the Sony High Quality Solid State Recorder. Helmet or Bike mounted bullet camera recording systems for bikes, great quality suitable for professional applications including training, racing, track days etc. or just great fun for videoing your favourite rides.