More Information about BMW R 1200 CL

The BMW R1200CL ✅ is the absolute Luxury-cruiser in all BMW motorbikes. It has a 2-cylinder flat engine which is not typical for a Choppper. The classic Chopper has a V-Twin. The R1200CL has ABS and Cardan. Thanks to Telever it has an easy handling and the 61 HP and lets it glide quietly. With the one-arm-swing it's easy to mount the wheel.

The Seat Bench of the R1200CL is naturally comfortable, but if necessary, we can modify it special for your needs. LED Indicators or Clear Indicator Lenses give great visual effects on your R1200CL. Spares and Wearing Parts like engine oil, transmission oil, batteries, gel-batteries, oil filter tools, oil filter, air cleaner, break pads, beak discs and sparking plugs are products that we always have on stock. Tools as well as all Main Stands, Battery Chargers and Paint Protection can be found in our shop. TomTom or Garmin Navigation Systems as well as all popular GPS receivers can be mounted with our GPS mountings. The Intercom System Interphone is availabe in Stereo and Mono, and it's very easy to install. Wilbers Suspensions are the perfect solution for ideal driving comfort.