More Information about BMW K 1200 LT

The BMW K1200LT ✅ or BMW K 1200 LT is a Luxury-Tourer. It was built from 1998-2007. In spite of the 97 HP and the 385kg it has an excellent handling, which makes it perfect for tours. But also alpin passes are to deal problemfree. The Supertourer has speed controll as well as a reserve gear which is very useful at such a big motorbike. A relaxed driving experiance is made sure by aboardcomputer and radio. The electronicaly adjustable windscreen gives a perfect wind protection for every driver. The removable Topcase-system can be equiped with Inside Bags. The K 1200 LT serial has a fully-suspended-drive (Kardan). Paralever and Telelever additionally make sure an easy handling. ABS break is standard equipment.

The K1200LT was from 2004 on available with 116 HP, which you can notice on the engine power. An electro-hydraulic extendable main stand is essential at this weight. No matter at wich light conditions you are driving, the Xenonlight makes a perfect lightning.

For the Luxury-Tourer you can find a bigger windscreen for optimal wind protection in our assortment. To always stay on track we have navigarion systems by TomTom and Garmin. The currently best Interphone (intercom system) is availabel in stereo and mono. Our baggage system for your K1200LT including Inside Bags makes loading your case a lot easier. Of course, we also have a Tank Bag for maps, mobile phone, camera and more. We also offer an individual modifying of your seat bench. Clear indicator lenses are available for nearly every motorbike. Engine oil, transmission oil in BMW standard from Agip, batteries, gel-batteries, oil filter tools, oil filter, air cleaner, a must have for every motorbik fan. Break pads and break discs by Lukas are getting good rates at every test. You can find NKG and Bosh sparking plugs in our category Spares. Our special for the LT produced products like oil filter plugs or key holder give a specila note to your bike. The battery charger Optimate is always state-of-the-art. For small-sized garages we have garage trolleys which makes it easy for you to store your K1200LT in a corner of your garage in winter time. Our Throttle Rocker makes it possible to handle the gas pedal with your thenar. So you can extend your fingers once in a while. Paint protection is a must have for everyone who loves his machine. Especially cases and tank area are delicated for scratches. But our paint protection avoids this problem. Wilbers or WP shock absorbers are the optimal Alternative for a better driving comfort. All necessary Tools are naturally abailable at our shop.