2V ボクサー用KARCOMAフェールタップ(左)

2V ボクサー用KARCOMAフェールタップ

価格 € 39,90
消費税別 及び 送料

2個の32mm Bing定常凹キャブレター用ガスケットキット

Gasket kit for two 32mm Bing constant depression carburator

価格 € 89,90
消費税別 及び 送料


Fuel tap KARCOMA for 2V boxer
/5 - /7 models
Fuel petcock with...

価格 € 49,90
消費税別 及び 送料

2V ボクサー用KARCOMAフェールタップ(右)

2V ボクサー用KARCOMAフェールタップ

価格 € 38,90
消費税別 及び 送料


Gasket kit carburators , diaphragm included
for 2-valve Boxer...

価格 € 85,90
消費税別 及び 送料


Float needle valve for Bing constant depression carburators


価格 € 23,90
消費税別 及び 送料


Floater for carburator
for 2-valve Boxer models with Bing constant...

価格 € 24,30
消費税別 及び 送料


Gasket kit without diaphragm
for 2-valve boxer models, for one Bing...

価格 € 16,30
消費税別 及び 送料


Fuel hose
for all models, universal fit, with 6mm inner diameter,...

価格 € 16,90
消費税別 及び 送料


Float housing gasket
for 2-valve Boxer models with Bing constant...

価格 € 3,50
消費税別 及び 送料


for fuel tap Karcoma
compare: 16122307112 E /...

価格 € 6,40
消費税別 及び 送料


Fuel filter Kl13
All 2v boxer

R 50/5, R 60/5, R 75/5, R...

価格 € 3,00
消費税別 及び 送料


Fuel hose with textile braiding
for all models, universal fit, with...

価格 € 11,00
消費税別 及び 送料


for 2-valve Boxer models with 40mm Bing constant...

価格 € 28,90
消費税別 及び 送料

フロートニードルバルブ/ 5&/ 6

Float needle valve
for /5 and /6 models with Bing slider...

価格 € 15,80
消費税別 及び 送料


Gasket for fuel tap "Karcoma"
Vf 13,5 x 18,5 (fibre)

価格 € 2,00
消費税別 及び 送料


T-piece for fuel hose

Compare: 13111254083 / 13-11-1-254-083

価格 € 9,90
消費税別 及び 送料


Choke gasket
for 2-valve Boxer models with Bing constant depression...

価格 € 2,60
消費税別 及び 送料


for 2-valve Boxer models with 32mm Bing constant...

価格 € 36,00
消費税別 及び 送料

suction funnel alluminium 40mm

Suction funnel alluminium
60mm sieve for 40mm carburettor with grid...

価格 € 39,60
消費税別 及び 送料

Are you still searching for an accessory for your BMW R80 in the matter of carburetor parts or fuel taps? Then you've arrived at the right place. For the BMW R2V models, we have a wide range of different products. Starting with membrane 32, fuel tap right, carburet needle valve R2V, gasoline hose textile-coated 6 mm in the original look of the 1980s, beyond T-manifold 6 mm, fuel tap 6 mm, fuel filter KL13, float chamber gasket, fuel tap straight, fuel tap left, suction head aluminium 32 mm, seal insert without membrane, seal insert 40 mm carburettor including membrane, up to membrane 40, float gauge for the carburettor, seal insert Bing-32mm-constant pressure carburetor, choke gasket and suction head aluminium 40 mm. For the BMW models /5 and /6 is our carburet needle valve a fitting accessory as well as our sieve and the seal ring for the fuel tap Karcoma.