Remus Hexacone

BMW F650GS (08-), F700GS & F800GS (* -08/2016) バイク

ノーマルよりも2.1kg軽量なレムス社製のマフラーです。カバーは、チタン製です ...

特別価格 € 619,00
の代わりに € 683,00

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Remus HexaCone

BMW F700GS, F800GS & F800GS Adventure (09/2016 - *) バイク

ノーマルのマフラーに比べ、1kg軽量なレムス社のマフラーです。外観の向上に加え、HexaCone ...

価格 € 569,00
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AC Schnitzer STEALTH(ステルス)

BMW F650GS (08-), F700GS & F800GS (* -08/2016) バイク


価格 € 643,00
付加価値税を含む、 zzgl. 送料別

Stunning look, easy mount, low weight, more power and torque. These are characters of the exhaust systems by Remus. No matter if for your F 650 GS or for your F 800 GS with the Sportsexhausts by Remus you always have a dull and sporty sound. The Remus Revolution is available as slip on or manifold in several variations like Aluminium, Stainless steel black and Titanium. The Remus Hexacone is also a silencer availabel in Aluminium, Stainless steel and Titanium and aditionally as manifold in Stainless steel.