Remus HexaCone

BMW R1200RT 2005-2009 バイク

ノーマルのマフラーに比べ、2kg軽量なレムス社のマフラーです。外観の向上に加え、HexaCone ...

価格 € 675,00
消費税別 及び 送料

Less weight with more power and more torque, plus a brilliant appearance and easy installation. These are properties that possess all of the exhaust system of BOS, Laser, Sebring or Remus. From BOS you get a axle back exhaust for the R1200RT with less weight but a more powerful sound than the original equipment. Available is this slip on in stainless steel and carbon. Sebering has two types for the R1200RT in the programm. First the axle back exhaust Twister and second a complete system, Twister, without cat. Please make sure that the elimination of the catalyst should be reported to the licensing authority. The slip on and also the complete exhaust systems are available in aluminium, carbon und titanium. The Laser exhaust from Duo-Tech is very easy to install. Available in three different jackets. For the R1200RT offers Laser also stainless steel exhaust manifold. In the programm of Remus are two designs from the Remus Revolution for the R1200RT. First the slip on in three jackets and second a complete exhaust system without cat. No matter which provider you choose, the fun is guaranteed.