BMW K1300R AC Schnitzer STEALTH

AC Schnitzer STEALTH


価格 € 830,00
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BMW K1300R Remus Hexacone

Remus Hexacone

オリジナルのマフラーに比べ、約2.5kg軽量なレムス社のマフラーです。見た目に加え、HexaCone ...

価格 € 940,00
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BMW K1300R Sebring Phantom(ファントム)

Sebring Phantom(ファントム)

K1300S, K1300R, 129kW, 2009-* Sebring...

価格 € 696,00
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BMW K1300R Akrapovic スリップオンマフラー

Akrapovic スリップオンマフラー


価格 € 1.744,90
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Stunning look, easy mount, low weight, more power and torque. These are characteristics of the exhaust systems by Remus. Not only nice looks but also a sporty sound is ensured with the Remus HexaCone for your K1300R. Available with two coatings: aluminium or titanium.