GPS TomTom Rider 550

TomTom Rider 550 バイク用ナビゲーション システム...

価格 € 399,90
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インターフォン スポーツ ツイン パック

ツインパックで提供されるインターフォン・スポーツは、コミュニケーションを楽し ...

価格 € 209,00
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インターホン・シェイプは、クールなデザインと、高性能のインターホンの完璧な組 ...

価格 € 119,00
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ガーミン Zumo 595LM ヨーロッパ

The zumo 595LM with its transreflective 5-inch touchscreen display is very easy to read even in strong sunlight and can be used in portrait or...

価格 € 599,00
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ラム(RAM) カメラマウント

アクションカメラ用のアダプター付きのこのマウント(セット)は、一般的なオート ...

価格 € 96,40
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On longer tours with your BMW K1600GT and BMW K1600GTL it could be an advantage if you can talk over an interphone system to your passenger, or to the other riders when you travelling in a group. Also a connection to the navi or a bluetooth mobile phone is possible. The interphone can be mount easily on the helmet. A communication from bike to bike is given up to 200 meters line of sight. the latest version of the interphone devices is called Interphone F4 and has some new and improved features. E.g. a enhanced microphone against wind and interference noise, a stereo headset for even better listening also at 180km / h and a communication up to 500 meters are possible. For driver and pillon or driver and driver you need two pieces. For your travel and tours we can recommend the navigate devices from Garmin, e.g. Zumo 660 and TomTom Urban Rider Pro especially for motorcycles. Care has to be taken when buying a navi device, that its suitable for these motorcycles. Other products, like these for cars, are not waterproof and do not fit on the motorcycle mounts. With our GPS mounting for the BMW K1600GT and BMW K1600GTL your GPS can assembled and disassembled quickly and easily. The shield can be changed in the positions as before, whereby you have the navigation device always very good in view and you do not have to stray too far from the road. At the GPS mounting fit all popular motorcycles navigation devices with our appropriate adapters. The navigation system X-'Navigator is a brand new device at a great price and its preloaded with maps of 43 countries and is equipped with a universal fitting mounting for your bike. To hold your experiences on the tours visually, you need our BikeCam2. The BikeCam2 is a waterproof camera combined with the Sony High Quality Solid State Recorder. With the BikeCam2 it is possible to make high professional recordings in a very exceptional way, by the helmet or the handlebar mount.