National Cycle RainZip (スクリーン撥水コート)

長期間、スクリーンをレインフリーの状態に保つことのできるRainZip®です。90mlの液体に専用 ...

価格 € 25,90
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2つのパーツからなるヴァリオスクリーンは、角度と高さを調整することができます。 ...

価格 € 157,90
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National Cycle Shield Wash (スクリーンクリーナー)

スクリーンをクリーンにすることができ ...

価格 € 19,95
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BMW R1100RS バイク


価格 € 84,90
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V-Stream ウィンドスクリーン

BMW R1150RS バイク


価格 € 219,95
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To find an appropriate windshield for your motorcycle you need to regard various points. The driver's size and the seating position are two of the most important points in the choise of a windscreen. Our windshields for the R 1100 RS and the R 1150 RS are characterized by a perfect processing and accuracy of fit. The Varioscreen or even written Vario-Screen for the R1100RS and the R1150RS can be adjusted in the tilt and in height (model specific).The windscreen has an additional wind channel, thereby the windshield can be adapted to the individual needs of the driver. For the R1100RS we have also a Touringscreen on offer. The Touringscreen has the same shape like the original screen, but further a upwards inclined wind deflector over the whole width. The resulting wind pressure is deflected over the driver.