GPR Slip On DEEPTONE INOX Stainless Steel マフラー

BMW S 1000 R (2014-08/2016) バイク

GPR DEEPTONE INOX Stainless Steel BMW S 1000 R (2014-08/2016) Slip On Silencer Exhaust


特別価格 € 399,90
の代わりに € 499,90

消費税別 及び 送料


BMW S1000R (2017-2020) バイク


特別価格 € 854,66
の代わりに € 899,64

消費税別 及び 送料

Especially important on a motorcycle is the right exhaust. In our range you can find some, such as the Remus HyperCone with a conical jacket design, which presents the consequent further development of the Remus HexaCone. Special care must be taken on the combination of the carbon-outlet cover with titanium or stainless steel as sheath material. If you should opt for this exhaust, you will notice a performance and torque increase. Also a very nice aternative is our Remus HexaCone, which scores with its unique look due to the material combination carbon/titanium as well as by the asymmetrical hexagonally contour of the silencer, which guarantees a perfect banking freedom. The Akrapovic slip on gives a very precious impression on a BMW S1000R. It bribes in particular through its excellent price-performance ratio. This exhaust draws all eyes on you. It's some way lighter as the original one and also the sound is clearly outperformed. The exhaust sheating is made of titanium, the end cap is made of carbon.