Twinmax 同調負圧ゲージ


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ソケットレンチセット、181 個


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Motosyte 同調負圧ゲージ


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写真からお分かり頂けるように、この隙間ケージセットには、ニッケル ・メッキの...

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マルチツール (十得ナイフ)


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シリンジ 100ml


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For the work on your BMW you need the appropriate special tool for motorcycles. These are stored in our universal socket wrench and tool case. Here are located all hand tools for minor motorcycle repairs. Whether deep sockets, spark plug sockets, various bit screw inserts, combination spanners, double-joint keys or several adapters, everything is clearly placed in the tool box. Further we offer a large socket wrench set with 69 TX-tools and a small socket wrench set with 30 TX-tools. The exact list of in the bags located tools you will find listed under the relevant articles. All major inbus wrenches you will find as handy 7 - or 9-piece sets. The Inbus with a wrench size of 3,5 and 6 are also available individually. You will need a torque wrench when you work on your rear wheel, oil filling screw, sump drain plug or the handlebar. Equally often you also need a change-over rachet, which is individually available in different sizes. Our diagnostic equipment is a small handy version for every R100 motorcyclist. The Bike Macs shows you any error in the error memory, gives you more information about it, helps you to solve that problem and you can remove the error from the error memory. A correct synchronisation of carburettors or fuel injection systemsis particular important for an optimal running of the engine. In contrast to other synchroniser machines the TWINMAX compares the vacuum on both sides with the help of a single pressure sensor (differential pressure gage) and shows the difference on the indicator. Synchronizing with the TWINMAX is easy and quick. With a result of professional precision. The TWINMAX has been tested by us extensively and we were amazed how quickly and accurately even a slight adjustment to the fuel-injection system or the carburettor was displayed on the device.