GRP ベリーパン(アンダーカウル)

BMW S1000RR 2009-2014 バイク

GRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic:...

価格 € 145,00
消費税別 及び 送料



価格 € 26,90
消費税別 及び 送料

クイック ファスナー


特別価格 € 5,40
の代わりに € 6,00

消費税別 及び 送料

Our complete Fairing Set for the race track is made of GRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic) and consists of the Front Fairing plus two Side Fairings, namely the Bellypan and the Rear Fairing. The Front Fairing fits to our Race Windscreen for your S1000RR. These articles are also available separately. We offer a Heat Protection for the GRP Bellypan. The GRP Rear Fairing is available for the original seat but also closed in order to glue on foam rubber. With the help of our Quick Fastener you can easily mount and remove these products. The GRP Airintake and the GRP Front Fender replace the original parts of the S100RR.
Please be aware that none of the GRP Fairings are predrilled. Thus, mount the fairings before you paint it in order to see if everything fits perfect.