ダッシュボードに、ねじ込むタイプのGPSマウンティングです。取り付けのためのねじ山 ...

価格 € 40,00
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GPS TomTom Rider 550

TomTom Rider 550 バイク用ナビゲーション システム...

価格 € 400,00
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バイクナビなどの外部機器を接続するための電源ケーブル(ハーネス)です。写真2はケー ...

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価格 € 199,90
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Garmin Zumo XT Europe

The Zumo XT with its 5.5 inch touch display can be perfectly read in all light conditions, can be used horizontally or vertically and is...

価格 € 499,99
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お好みのポジションにGPS機器(バイク用ナビ)をセットできるGPSラムボール・プレート、ク ...

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スマートフォン用 RAM X-グリップ クランプ

X-グリッ ...

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ラム(RAM) カメラマウント

アクションカメラ用のアダプター付きのこのマウント(セット)は、一般的なオート ...

価格 € 96,50
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Garmin Zumo 396 LMT-S Europe

The Zumo 396 LMT-S with its 4.3 inch touch display can be perfectly read in all light conditions and is glove-friendly. Thanks to Bluetooth...

価格 € 400,00
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If you are planning a long tour riding your S1000RR, it could be of your interest to have an intercomsystem. Thus, you can easily communicate with your co-driver or the whole group. Because of our own experience and also the experience of our customers we recommend the Intercom System Interphone. You have two alternatives to mount this intercom system on your helmet. A connection to your navigation system or a Bluetooth cell phone is possible. The newest version is the Interphone F4 coming up with improvement and innovation. This intercom system offers you a noise (e.g. due to the wind) cancelling microphone and a dual stereo headset for high quality audio that makes an excellent performance up to 180km/h and communication up to 500m possible. You need two pieces for driver & pillon rider or driver & driver. Highly recommended is our X-Navigator. In order to reach your target fast and without detouring the X-Navigator is preinstalled with maps of 43 different countries and endued with a universal fitting mounting. We also suggest for a stressless touring the navigation systems Garmin ZUMO 550, Garmin ZUMO 660 and TomTom Rider II (especially for motorcycles). These GPS products are available with the adjustable motorcycle-mounting. The GPS Mount for Garmin ZUMO and TomTom screw on to the dash while there is already the neccessary thread. Almost any navigation system can now be fixed on the Ram-ball (1"). Our BikeCam2 is a high quality, easy to use motorcycle video system in order to never forget your experience during touring. It is a helmet or bike mounted bullet camera, combined with the Sony High Quality Solid State Recorder. The quality of the BikeCam2 is extraordinary and it is suitable for professional applications including training, racing, track days, etc. or just great fun for videoing your favourite rides.