BMW R 100 Model Tappet sport new

Tappet sport new

Tappet sport new for All 2v boxers weight only 40gr Sport tappet, new improved design. tappet laser welded from WANK TUNNING perfekt addition to...

価格 € 89,00
付加価値税を含む、 zzgl. 送料別

You will get more performance and a better torque with the asymmetrically camshaft for all R2V models up to 9/1980. Furthermore you will receive a completely camshaft kit. Completely mounted and pre-finished with a asymmetrically camshaft, end shield and chain wheel for all BMW R2V models up to 9/1978, this shall not apply for R45/R65. The sports ram makes a weight reduction with only 40 gram possible and is suitable for all R2V Boxer. The plunger is laser welded of the brand Wank Tuning.