2V ボクサー用KARCOMAフェールタップ(左)

2V ボクサー用KARCOMAフェールタップ

価格 € 39,90
消費税別 及び 送料

2個の32mm Bing定常凹キャブレター用ガスケットキット

Gasket kit for two 32mm Bing constant depression carburator

価格 € 89,90
消費税別 及び 送料


Fuel tap KARCOMA for 2V boxer
/5 - /7 models
Fuel petcock with...

価格 € 49,90
消費税別 及び 送料

2V ボクサー用KARCOMAフェールタップ(右)

2V ボクサー用KARCOMAフェールタップ

価格 € 38,90
消費税別 及び 送料


Gasket kit carburators , diaphragm included
for 2-valve Boxer...

価格 € 79,90
消費税別 及び 送料


Float needle valve for Bing constant depression carburators


価格 € 23,90
消費税別 及び 送料


Floater for carburator
for 2-valve Boxer models with Bing constant...

価格 € 24,30
消費税別 及び 送料


Gasket kit without diaphragm
for 2-valve boxer models, for one Bing...

価格 € 16,30
消費税別 及び 送料


Fuel hose
for all models, universal fit, with 6mm inner diameter,...

価格 € 16,90
消費税別 及び 送料


Float housing gasket
for 2-valve Boxer models with Bing constant...

価格 € 3,50
消費税別 及び 送料


for fuel tap Karcoma
compare: 16122307112 E /...

価格 € 6,40
消費税別 及び 送料


Fuel filter Kl13
All 2v boxer

R 50/5, R 60/5, R 75/5, R...

価格 € 3,00
消費税別 及び 送料


Fuel hose with textile braiding
for all models, universal fit, with...

価格 € 11,00
消費税別 及び 送料


for 2-valve Boxer models with 40mm Bing constant...

価格 € 28,90
消費税別 及び 送料

フロートニードルバルブ/ 5&/ 6

Float needle valve
for /5 and /6 models with Bing slider...

価格 € 15,80
消費税別 及び 送料


Gasket for fuel tap "Karcoma"
Vf 13,5 x 18,5 (fibre)

価格 € 2,00
消費税別 及び 送料


T-piece for fuel hose

Compare: 13111254083 /...

価格 € 9,90
消費税別 及び 送料


Choke gasket
for 2-valve Boxer models with Bing constant depression...

価格 € 2,60
消費税別 及び 送料


for 2-valve Boxer models with 32mm Bing constant...

価格 € 36,00
消費税別 及び 送料

If something is inoperative on the carburettor or the fuel supply, you will notice this immediately while driving. Spare and wear parts for carburettor parts are available at our house. The gaskets are often affected of wear. You can find a seal insert carburettor with or without membranes for R2V models with 40er-Bing-constant pressure carburetor or a seal insert for R2V models with two 32er Bing-equal pressure carburettor with a flat cover. Furthermore we have a choke gasket for R2V models with Bing constant pressure carburetor. To prevent the carburettor of becoming full, the float chamber sealing and the carburet needle valves should be intact as well as the fuel tap including gaskets and filter. These parts are available at our house for R2V models with Bing constant pressure carburetor. Carburet needle valves are also available for /5 and /6 models with Bing slide carburettor. Fuel taps of the brand Karcoma are available for right and left as well as in the straight execution and are suitable for R2V models. If someone needs a gasoline hose, it can be acquired in normal and textile-coated version at our house. Universally for all models with 6 mm inside diameter of the fuel pipe. Furthermore you can find in our shop the suitable fuel filters K13 and t-manifolds for 6 mm gasonline hoses for your BMW R100. For a harmoniously fuel delivery, healthy membranes are also very important. Available for 32er and 40er Bing constant pressure carburetor. Exclusively suited for sporting activity and therefore also without ABE are our suction head aluminium 40 mm and 32 mm with grille and including clamp. Scope of delivery is in each case 1 piece!